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Sessilie Diary 2: Eye :iconsheelos-lover:Sheelos-lover 0 0
Sessilie Diary 1: Prison Break
Today I did holy work for the God-Emperor: I released an innocent man from prison.
It was clear to me long before we convicted his cell that Mallochai was innocent of any of Lady Dee’s heresies.  He is guilty only of being unable to stand up to her, and I know she would have talked circles around us if not for Marienne.  So, this morning, when I woke up, I dressed in civvies (I haven’t left the discaterium all day, so I’ve gotten to be cute!) and went to the prison.  I saw Secundus there, who told me where Mallochai was being held. (And also sends his regards to Caradoc; DO NOT FORGET!!!)
Mallochai looked so small in his cage.  I found him sleeping; he freaked out when I woke him up, but he was so sedated he could barely remember anything.  He was so very hopeful when I told him I’d try to get him out; his desperation squeezed my heart.  I left my dataslate with him so he would have archives to go through; I have a decent collection
:iconsheelos-lover:Sheelos-lover 1 0
Commissioning a Dress with Min Jee
When I was still on my high from my first date with Jack, I got a text from Ms. Maeng: “Do you have a dress yet? :3”
I responded, “No.” and wished I hadn’t been brought down off my high; it really was a pressing issue and I didn’t want to spend another horrible day looking at hideous dresses with Mom.
“Do you want some pro help?  I know someone.”
I stared at the tiny screen for a moment, then texted back, “Sure!  How much would it cost?”
“No cost; she owes me. Have you talked to Jack since you asked him out? 8D”
“Yes!  We went bowling today! :D  Lol stop being such a creeper; it’s just a teen crush.”
“I’m rooting for you, kid.  Which day would be best?”
“Fri. afternoon?  Mom will probably make me go out with her on Saturday, so we have to act before then.”
“kk.  I can pick you up from school.”
“I have track for an h
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Stupidly Good Baked Potatoes
Baked potatoes never sound that exciting if they’re just a lump of hot carbs with impenetrable skins and a little butter on top to make them less insufferable.  Here’s my grandpa’s baked potato technique along with the fixings my mom and I put on top.  This is a legit meal if you go whole-hog, but it’s also good for accompanying a good cut of meat or a salad.  Or soup.  Anything, really.
1. Pick your potatoes.  You want ones with thin skins because the skins are delicious and have a lot of nutrients, but thick ones are really tough and no one really wants to eat them unless they’re first doused in cheese.  You don’t even need a particularly big potato if you aren’t that heavy an eater.  For multiple people, try to pick ones with about the same circumference, though they can be different lengths.  Wash them and dry them.
2. Spices.  You’re going to coat them in a spice mix.  It can be a sto
:iconsheelos-lover:Sheelos-lover 2 2
Revenant Comic WiP by Sheelos-lover Revenant Comic WiP :iconsheelos-lover:Sheelos-lover 0 0
Meeting Min Jee
Scott: a text from Heath:
Scott: "got some low lv chatr bout Korean Art.s being smuggled to SF. Got time 2 chk it out?"
Charlotte: "Mask or civvies?"
Scott: Scott Houston Phillips: "Civs. Herd sumthing bout the DeYoung Museum. Mite b bout a new xibit."
Charlotte: (omg just rolled a 1 for Kn.: Pop Culture XD )
Scott: ]rofl
Charlotte: "Omg which new exhibit????"
Scott: "Think it's some ancient korean art."
Charlotte: "??? What about the Asian Art Museum? Seems more like their thing."
Scott: "dunno. I guess deyoung snatched it up."
Charlotte: "Weird. Does sound sketchy. I'll be there."
Scott: "keep in touch"
Charlotte: [Where does she keep her outfit?  His basement seems like the safest place.]
Scott:]probably. He might have given her a kevlar mask to have something on hand
Scott:]plus some sap gloves, if not the full on infiltrators.
Charlotte: "What time should I be @ the shop?"
Scott: "20:15"
Scott: ]I'll say it's 3:45pm right now
Charlotte: "And to think: most girls spend their T
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Steampunk Vest - Heath by Sheelos-lover Steampunk Vest - Heath :iconsheelos-lover:Sheelos-lover 0 0 Steampunk Dress - Min Jee by Sheelos-lover Steampunk Dress - Min Jee :iconsheelos-lover:Sheelos-lover 3 3
He brought me into a police station.  I was talking under my breath the entire time to Heath, but all he could do was keep me calm.
And then I was in the precinct with several police officers looking at me expectantly.  “She has a bluetooth or something in her helmet,” Jinn told them.  He waited a moment, then said, “Well?  Take off your helmet!”
“Okay!  …I have a mask under it.”  I lowered my voice.  “Thanks for staying on with me.”  I took off my helmet.
Some of the people gave me questioning looks; some smirked.  “Hey, the agreement was that I’d wear the mask, but I got to paint on it.  Masks are really hot and it didn’t seem that necessary.”  I took off my jacket and removed my armor, piling it on a table.  I put my jacket back on, then pulled up my pant legs and took off my shin guards.  “I get a phone call, right?”
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Amy Kim - Prom Dresses
I dragged myself out of bed early.  I felt bad for ditching out of crime-fighting last night, but if I have to wake up early on a weekend, I’m sure as Hell not doing it on too little sleep.  But I also had a hard time getting to sleep last night, so maybe being tired would have helped.
I just couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going to go hideously wrong.  While I was freaking out and being an insomniac last night, I found some links to prom dresses I really like: ones that I can move in, that I can be myself in, that I don’t have to worry will overpower me.
I asked mom to look at it and she said she wasn’t buying me a dress without seeing it on me.  She didn’t even look at the pictures I found.  Something in my gut twisted.
We went into the city to go to fancy boutiques and outlets and things.  And I was afraid.  I was afraid that I would end up in a dress that I couldn’t stand, that I couldn’t let
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Mature content
Amy Kim - Book Club :iconsheelos-lover:Sheelos-lover 0 0
Amy Kim - Body Image
I don’t even have a date for the Sadie Hawkins yet, but here I am trailing behind Ms. Maeng like a duckling so she can take me to the tailor she knows.
I don’t know what to expect.  I feel so awkward.
Who am I kidding?  I always feel awkward.
“Clarice!” she calls as she enters the store with her usual flair.  It feels like she knows half the people in Berkeley.
“Min Jee!”  The tailor walks up to us.  She looks like an ordinary, middle-aged White woman: Little not-all-that-old-yet wrinkles, not quite the right hairstyle, overcompensating dark lipstick, the works.  “Is this the girl you were telling me about?”  She speaks in a French accent.  So I guess she’s French.
“Amelia, yes.  Amelia Kim, this is Clarice Beliveau.  Clarice Beliveau, this is Amelia Kim.  Amelia has a Sadie Hawkins dance coming up with a very special young man—”
“We don’t know that yet!”
“Amy, calm down.  You’re makin
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Themed Dresses by Sheelos-lover Themed Dresses :iconsheelos-lover:Sheelos-lover 0 3
Macaroni and Cheese
Macaroni and cheese is a favorite of just about everyone.  As instant goes, Kraft three-cheese is as cheesy as the classic blue box used to be, but this is a recipe for homemade.  It is ridiculously delicious and you will come to love it.
You will need:
-1 box pasta (or 1 pound gnocchi, which are amazing in mac and cheese because they work so well with thick sauces)
-About 2T butter, plus a little more
-About 2T flour
-Garlic (one to three cloves, depending on their size)
-1 1/3 cups grated cheese – pick your favorites and be aware that using multiple kinds gives the cheese sauce a nice, complex flavor
-A splash of milk
-Herbs, spices whatevs (there’s plenty of salt in cheese, so don’t worry about adding any)
-Up to 2c of veggies (I put in a small onion; other people like bell peppers, olives, broccoli, carrots… I don’t recommend spinach or cabbage because of the cooking time)
-Some ham or other meat, if you want it
Grease a small casserole
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Katamari by Sheelos-lover Katamari :iconsheelos-lover:Sheelos-lover 1 9
Baked Falafel
There is not enough falafel in this world.  Worse, there is not enough baked falafel.  This recipe will help to fix that – everyone wants more falafel and fewer calories, right?
You will need:
For the falafel:
-Cooked chickpeas/garbanzo beans (I used canned, but if you’re an enthusiast, go for it!)
-A little flour
-Lemon juice
-Possibly a little Greek yogurt
-Other spices, as desired (coriander is popular, as well as sesame seeds, paprika, and parsley)
-Olive oil
For the tzatziki (if you don’t have some readily available):
-Not-sweet pickles (You don’t want to hear me rant about how sweet pickles are an offense against nature)
-Greek yogurt
-Pickle juice, if desired
You can make hummus, if you want, by grinding chickpeas, lemon juice, tahini, and spices in a food processor or blender, but it’s also super easy to find in every supermarket ever.
For serving falafel:
-Whichever veggies you want (My local falafel
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In Her Arms :iconauthornobilis:AuthorNobilis 272 259
Acen 2012: Spike and Rarity by Malindachan Acen 2012: Spike and Rarity :iconmalindachan:Malindachan 634 61



So, the roleplay I've been doing with a girl I met on the internet for under eight weeks is currently at 330,000 words.


I'm one of those people who always struggled through NaNoWriMo, who couldn't hold a plot together for shit (hello, shameful past on DA and, who almost never finished stories.


I tried writing a regular story recently.  Like, one that I was working on alone.  I didn't really like it.  I liked working with the characters and seeing what their situation was like, but just knowing that everything that happens to them is in my hands makes it seem a little unrealistic.  When you roleplay, you give up control over the situations your character goes through, which is why there's a lot of pressure to make your characters do what they think will be the best option.  You get into one or two people's heads at a time, and you can't control the other characters.  You would never command an entire room for an extended period of time.  That's like playing chess with yourself.

I think my point is, one of the hardest things you can do is roleplay from both sides of a situation.  You can play one person.  Maybe you can play two, if they're on the same side of the situation, or you can describe the actions of one group that generally agrees with itself.  But, how do you roleplay an argument with yourself?  When you write it from one side, you want things to be resolved peacefully, but both sides have a sense of integrity that they're unwilling to compromise.  You can feel your character's pride and you will not budge unless your relationship with the other person is more important than your pride, or new information is presented that changes your position.  When you're writing both sides, it's harder to know exactly what one person is thinking because you have to play the other person, too, so you can't get into either person's head as effectively.

I can write an emotional post where Tara asks Zero how she can trust her father again because she doesn't believe that his opinion of her has shifted as much as he says it did.  Then I go and check my Tumblr and write some lighthearted things back and forth with my Homestuck fan-buddy, see I've gotten a response, read Zero telling Tara some information that I, as a roleplayer, already knew, and be in tears in a moment because I'm back in character.  I never lost Tara's character when I went around being myself; I only put it on hold.  But, to roleplay both sides of a conversation, you need to be all the characters at once, with one or more on hold at any given time.  You don't get to be yourself as you wonder in the back of your mind if things are going to turn out okay; you have to be someone else, which is hard when you're still trying to be the first character.

Believable actions don't come from intellectual thought.  For me, writing believable characters means that I know what they're thinking because I assume their role.  Until I gain real-life omnipotence, I probably won't be doing much more solo writing, though this roleplay gains thousands of words a week and is one of the most fulfilling things I've ever worked on.  So, expect that to end eventually, after which I'll be editing like crazy (I never get bored of reading through it) and I'll probably post to or something because DevART doesn't support big word files.
  • Listening to:
  • Reading: Homestuck and assigned reading. And my RP.
  • Watching: ...Homestuck?
  • Playing: this roleplay, which still doesn't have a name.
  • Eating: Brunch in a few minutes


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